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Deliverer Aerial Imaging
in the Browser

The platform to Upload, Share, and  Collaborate with Aerial Imaging and Geo-Spatial data.

Upload your own maps and Imagery

Manage your Geo-Spatial Data and layers

Share, Analyze, and Collaborate

Aerial Forest
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Share Globally with No Restriction

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Create Maps and Projects

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GIS Integration
& Functionality

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  • Share Orthomosaics or Geo-Referenced images (.tiff/.tif) in our Air Metrix Viewer! 

  • Upload and integrate Shapefiles / GeoJson / KML files to dedicated geo-databases based. 


Invite collaborators and Share

  • Invite collaborators to your projects or share your maps externally for wide range of applications in the browser. 


Orthomosaic Processing 

  • **Coming Soon** Photogrammetry engine ready to process RGB, MultiSpec, and thermal imagery.

21 day Free Trial!

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100 gigabytes of Storage
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Unlimited Projects
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Unlimited Clients
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Unlimited collaborators

Stay tuned for new features

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