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Drone Imagery on Demand

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Order high quality drone data with the press of a button.

Welcome to the first online platform to offer drone services a la carte. Plot your specific area of interest and select which class of data you'd like to receive. Our pilots will create a flight plan to capture, then deliver your imagery. Hosted and presented by AirMetrix.

Green Valley

How does it work? 

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Select your area
of interest and application 
Dispatch professional
FAA 107 pilot
Mapping data

*Avg. 5-7 days after order

Why Drone Imagery? 

  • High Resolution
    • ​Drone imagery, captured at lower altitudes, offers superior resolution compared to traditional aerial photos, revealing finer details for richer data and more accurate analysis.

  • Safety
    • ​Drones are equipped with advanced sensors and safety features, ensuring precise, controlled flights while minimizing risks, making them safe for capturing high-quality imagery.

  • Integratabtle
    • Drone data is versatile and easily integrated into various platforms, enhancing GIS, construction, agriculture, and environmental analyses with detailed, real-time insights.

  • Versatility
    • ​Drone data's versatility allows extraction of multiple data points from a single capture, enabling varied analyses and insights across different domains from one dataset.

  • Accurate 
    • ​Drone data boasts high precision due to advanced sensors and GPS technology, ensuring accurate, reliable measurements and imagery for diverse applications.

  • Timely 
    • ​Drones enable rapid and consistent data collection, ensuring timely insights with uniform quality, streamlining processes and enhancing decision-making across varied applications.



Our drone imagery is meticulously crafted to ensure flawless integration with leading GIS software, including QGIS and Esri. Leveraging advanced mapping protocols and formats, our images slot effortlessly into your existing workflows. Whether you're analyzing, visualizing, or modeling, our drone captures enhance your GIS projects with precision and clarity. Experience seamless, hassle-free integration every time.

*Coming Soon

Our Image Service API is designed for seamless integration, enabling applications to effortlessly tap into high-quality imaging. With a focus on adaptability and compatibility, our API ensures that delivering top-tier visuals to your customers is just a few lines of code away. Elevate your application's experience by bringing unparalleled image clarity directly to your users.

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